​​Welcome to my site!

​​I am a rare dog breeder of the Cane Corso Italiano and my program is located in the Grey-Bruce area in Ontario, Canada.  

​​My objective is to breed a Cane Corso of Italian and European heritage that is stable, family friendly, naturally protective and easily trainable.  I am a small but selective kennel focusing primarily on preserving the true Cane Corso -  I breed for temperament, health and protection.  All of my dogs are AKC and ICCF registered.
The Cane Corso is an exceptional family companion who is loyal, faithful, very intelligent, both strong and sensitive, and completely and totally devoted to their "family".​​  ​​The Cane Corso is not a fighting dog and will not go out "looking" for a fight. However, they will stand their ground against other dogs who try to dominate them.

​​The Cane Corso requires an owner who is firm, confident, and consistent with setting the rules that dog must follow and placing clear boundaries to what the dog can and can't do.  The Cane Corso is not a breed for everyone, however, if you are searching for an exceptional dog, I will match you with the right puppy for you.​​  

My Corso are not just my dogs - they are raised and live in my home as part of my family.​​  

​​I breed for Quality ......Not Quantity!

 Enjoy your visit!​​

​​You can reach me at 519-270-1989  or email me at maximiliancanecorso@gmail.com  ​​
Cane Corso