Cane Corso 
Capital's Marchessa is a very powerful, large boned and structurally correct female with an incredible head type and substance.  She has a thick muscular body and an incredible temperament with a low drive.  Marchessa  is very affectionate with her family and loves to be held and cuddled, and could spend hours just chilling there next to you.  She acts like a mature child and corrects other dogs when they are misbehaving.  When given stuffed toys, Marchessa will carry them around and never tears them up.  She is accepting of strangers, loves children, and is very loyal to her family.  Marchessa is highly intelligent and is a fast learner, easy to train and eager to please. Marchessa enjoys running and loves playing with our children, especially swimming and catching frogs in our pond.  Marchessa died peacefully in her sleep in August of 2019.
D.O.B:      July 4, 2012 - August                                             22, 2019

Weight:     160 lb

Sire:        AKC ICCF SACCI CH                        Scandifio's Gabbana

 Dam:​​​​​​​      Scandifio's Tig Matik