Cane Corso 
Maximilian's Coco Chanel Made Me Poor, aka Coco, is our retained pick puppy from the Spartacus and Contessa's litter.  Coco is a stunning female with a big head, a deep muzzle and a stunning expression.  She is a solid dog with nice substance and thick bone, extremely muscular, very athletic, has a perfect topline, and a very smooth gait. Coco is a fantastic girl who is confident, stable and has a great temperament.  She is a fast runner like her mother, Contessa, and like her half sister Giselle.  Coco loves everybody, especially children, and gets along with all other dogs.  She has superior snuggling skills and would be in heaven if she could crawl up into your lap and be petted and rubbed all day.  Coco loves playing and rough housing in our yard with her best friend and litter mate Amore, and swimming in our pond and trying to catch the frogs.  She is a very happy girl and we are very proud to have her in our program and look forward to the next generation that she will help us build.