Cane Corso 
Rothorm JY Dream Zaceto, aka Gambino, is an import from Rothorm Cane Corso in Spain, and is a half brother of the Multi Ch. Rothorm JY Dream Zephyr.   Sired by Ch Rothorm JY Dream Glam, Gambino brings a very well bred pedigree to our program.
Gambino has a very calm and sound temperament and a very solid build with a massive head.  He is a fit, athletic, and agile dog who loves to be petted by everyone, but yet has the nature to protect if needed.​​  Gambino has a never quit attitude with a lot of prey drive.  His favourite activity is catching musk rats in our pond.  Gambino is very affectionate, and loves to cuddle and spend time with his family.  He adores our children and is very protective of them.  
​A piece of my heart was ripped out of my chest when Gambino's stomach twisted.  He survived the surgery and the blood 
transfusion from his son Spartacus, only to come home 4 days later, lie in his favourite bed and die.  REST IN PEACE MY LOVE
D.O.B:     January 17, 2012 
                December 8, 2018​

Weight : ​​ 140-145 lbs.

Sire:         Ch. Rothorm JY Dream                                     Glam

Dam:        Rothorm JY Dream Joice​​​​