Cane Corso 
Contessa is a solid and structurally correct female with a very muscular body.  Among our giants, she seems small, but Contessa is right inside of the FCI Standards.  She is long and low and can really run and jump.  Her movement is great.  She floats effortlessly and can go for miles.  Contessa is faster than any dog we currently own.  Contessa is highly intelligent, a very fast learner and has a very strong character with an extremely high drive.  She is also very affectionate and loyal to her family and extremely nosey, wanting to sniff everything and be aware of what's going on around. Contessa is playful and protective with children, constantly alert and is always aware of her family.  She has a well-rounded temperament, the nature to protect if needed, and still be a trusted and a well mannered companion at the end of the day.  

D.O.B:      November 15, 2011

Weight : ​​  85 lbs.

Sire:         ICCF AKC SACCI CH                               Scandifio's Brutus
                         ​The Giant

Dam:        Liliani's Rita Maxine