Cane Corso 
Leogretto Big Price Of Dinastii Chempionov, aka Marcello, is our recent import from the Dinastii Chempionov Kennel in Russia.  Marcello is an extremely attentive and devoted handsome black brindle fellow with looks to spare and a heart to match.  His temperament is stable, confident, sure of himself, and very balanced.  Marcello is a structurally correct male with an outstanding head, a correct square muzzle, thick bones and a very muscular body.​​  He is an alert, athletic and fun loving dog who loves children, enjoys exploring and will go anywhere with you.  He is highly intelligent, a very fast learner and has a very strong character with an extremely strong drive. Marcello loves to hunt frogs in our pond, he can spend hours puddling, digging and searching.  He is inseparable from his best friend Anastasia: they do everything together.

D.O.B:      August 21, 2017

Weight : ​​  125 lbs. at 10 months

Sire:         Joy To The World Iz                        Dinastii Chempionov

Dam:       Zambezi Strajano