Cane Corso 
Our first retained puppy of our own breeding, Maximilian's Queen of Hearts, aka Giselle, is maturing into everything we hoped she would and then some!  Confident, balanced, extremely muscular and athletic, stable, and all this with great conformation, powerful gait and a beautiful head.  Giselle is a stunning puppy with an awesome temperament!  She is becoming a fast runner like her mother, Contessa, but can't outrun her yet!  Giselle loves everybody, especially children, and gets along with all other dogs.  She is extremely nosey and wants to sniff everything.  Giselle seems to be on the go all day long, playing and rough housing with her best friend Serafina in our yard or swimming in our pond, but when the evening comes she just loves to snuggle with us on a couch and take it easy.  

D.O.B:      February 26, 2014

Weight:    110 ​lb

Sire:        Rothorm JY Dream                                    Zaceto

Dam:​​​​​​​      Liliani's Contessa