Cane Corso 
Retained pick male from our Marchessa and Gambino breeding, Maximilian's Spartacus The Great is very balanced, confident and has an awesome temperament.  He loves cuddling and is absolutely wonderful with our children, friends and other animals that we have on our farm.  Spartacus is a solid dog with nice substance and thick bone, a fantastic body, perfect topline, superb gait that appears effortless, nice angulation, and a massive square head.  He is incredibly intelligent, very quick to learn and eager to please.  Spartacus is an alert, active, and fun loving dog who loves to play, enjoys exploring, walks, swims, and will go anywhere with you.  He is extremely loyal, loving and playful, and gets more than his share of attention.
D.O.B:      December 4, 2014

Weight:        170 ​lbs

Sire:        Rothorm JY Dream                                 Zaceto           

Dam:​​​​​​​      Capital's Marchessa