Cane Corso 
Maximilian's Stella Di Luna, aka Stella, is our retained female from Serafina x Gambino litter.  Just like her Mother, Stella is a big boned female with a fantastic body, perfect toppling, nice angulation, and a large square head.  Stella ​​is an attention seeker and gets jealous very easily.  She would be in heaven if she could crawl up into your lap to be petted all day long.  
​Stella's temperament is fantastic, she is absolutely wonderful with children and is very gentle with them.  She is suspicious of new people coming into our home until she is reassured that they are ok and then she does not want to leave their side, wanting to be petted and 
rubbed.  Stella is just an amazing dog who is active, alert, fun loving, loves to play, enjoys exploring, riding in the truck and just wants to go anywhere with us.
D.O.B: September 1, 2016

Weight: 120 ​lb

Sire: Rothorm JY Dream Zaceto, aka                          Gambino

Dam: Ancient Black Rose Guardiana,                          aka Serafina